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APP: tanagura (revised)

This is a revised version of my app, edited mostly for style. The version sent to the mods is here.

_NAME: Libby
_PLURK: [plurk.com profile] nardaviel
_AGE: 27

_CHARACTER'S NAME: Atsushi Kinugawa
_CANON: Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu LOVE!
_CANON POINT: immediately after season 2, episode 12
_TANAGURA (elite) OR MIDAS (mongrel)?: Tanagura

_HISTORY: Atsushi grew up in the town of Binan, Japan, as part of a wealthy family. As a child, he was best friends with a boy named Kinshirou. While he and Kinshirou were watching a meteor shower one night, Kinshirou wished upon a falling star that they would be friends forever. Atsushi told him that he didn't need to spend a wish on something like that, because of course they would always be friends. Kinshirou understood this as an oath, but Atsushi saw it as simply reassuring his friend of an obvious truth.

One afternoon years later in middle school, Atsushi turned down an invitation to go to Kinshirou's house after school, saying only that he had something to do. That thing was a trip to a curry restaurant that he had a coupon for (supplementary material has revealed that Kinshirou doesn't like food with strong tastes, like curry). Outside the school building, he ran into a classmate, En, and discovered that En was on his way to the same restaurant. They decided to go together. Unbeknownst to them, Kinshirou was watching. He felt that Atsushi had broken their oath and abandoned him, and from then on, he snubbed Atsushi. Atsushi was hurt and confused, but he and En became best friends instead.

In Atsushi's last year of high school, he and En were approached in a public bath by a pink alien wombat that asked for their help saving the earth. They found this very bizarre and refused. The next day at school, the wombat found them, but they refused again. In the end, though, Wombat attached transformation trinkets to them and their friends without permission, forcing them to become magical boys, or Battle Lovers. The friends in question were Io and Ryuu, a couple of second years they'd been hanging out with for a while, and Yumoto, a first year who helped run the bathhouse. Yumoto became the leader of the new magical boy team. The five of them formed a school club called the Earth Defense Club (named by Wombat). For everyone but Yumoto, the club was a front. Their real goal was to claim the clubroom and use it to hang out and do nothing.

In season 1, episode 8, the purpose of the monster of the week was to destroy friendships. En was hit by its effect and became furious with Atsushi for no reason. That episode was about their fight and how they made up at the end.

The villains the Battle Lovers fought against, called Caerula Adamas, were actually the school's student council, led by student council president Kinshirou. Neither group knew each other's true identities until the end of season 1. When Kinshirou discovered Atsushi's identity, the resulting confrontation was one of the most dramatic and serious scenes in the show, with Kinshirou trying to murder Atsushi and the rest of the Battle Lovers trying to reach Atsushi before it was too late. However, at the end of the fight, the two reconciled, and Caerula Adamas and the Battle Lovers joined forces.

They also found out they had been lied to and the entire conflict had been set up for the purposes of an alien reality show, so uh. There's that. In fact, the reason the two groups teamed up was to beat the true villains of season 1: an alien hedgehog, and the sleazy alien goldfish that was the reality show's producer.

In season 2, the student council went to study abroad. Although the Defense Club kept their transformation trinkets, they believed that they were done fighting monsters. Sadly, another set of villains appeared, and they were given new, more powerful lovracelets to fight with. This season was centered more on Yumoto, though, and less on Atsushi's personal drama. Suffice it to say that they had to fight monsters again and everyone (except Yumoto) found it deeply annoying. At the end of the season, the villains kidnapped Yumoto's older brother, and the Battle Lovers had to fight to get him back. Although it never comes up in the series, season 2 ends very shortly before the third years' graduation.

_ABILITIES: Atsushi's Battle Lover name is Battle Lover Epinard. (Epinard as in spinach, yes. He didn't choose it, okay.) In theory, his element is air, but in practice, most of the Battle Lovers have powers that are similar in everything but aesthetics. When transformed, he has super speed and strength, he can jump very high, and he can summon a scepter called a love stick (again... that name wouldn't have been his choice) that shoots green beams of energy. As of season 2, his attack is called Epinard Love Hurricane, but actually shouting the words is optional. The attack causes pain and injury to the monsters he fights, and can likely destroy their surroundings if it hits anything. Against humans, the damage seems to be pretty severe: A combined attack in season 1 accidentally killed someone. Given the increased power of Atsushi's attacks in season 2, it's possible that he's now strong enough to kill a normal human on his own, although I think it's more likely he'd just hurt them badly, unless they were already in rough shape.

He can also summon a shield with the love stick. It resists a decent amount of physical and magical force, but can be broken. At one point, he disperses a whirlwind of sand with flashes of green light and a forceful motion, which might be the only time he actually demonstrates a wind-like power. All the Battle Lovers working together have a powerful combined attack. It's been shown that smaller groups of them can combine their powers for a stronger beam attack, as well.

He can also access a powered-up transformation called his Ultra More Better form. There's no evidence that it makes his attacks any stronger, but he grows wings and gains the ability to fly.

When he detransforms, any injury that he took while transformed is healed.

As a normal person, he's clever. He doesn't think quite as quickly as En in the moment, but his grades are the second best in his year, and he has a good memory. He can quickly analyze situations and synthesize information. Also, he's a good cook.

Atsushi is kind and selfless, and shows a lot of bravery when it comes to defending the people he loves. He's also smart and diligent.

However, he hates confrontation and argument to the point that he avoids it when he ought to speak up. He needs to be needed, and somehow always ends up with best friends who depend on him for big things, like emotional stability (Kinshirou) or the fact that he drags them out of bed in the morning and makes sure they eat right (En).

_PERSONALITY: There are some canons where most people are so strange that if someone so much as approaches normalcy, even if they fall short, they stand out. In Boueibu, that person is Atsushi. To put it simply, he's just a nice Japanese boy from a good family. He's the most genuinely polite member of the main cast. His life's ambition is to have a calm, conflict-free existence and take care of his friends. If he's more than he seems, it's not by his choice, and he would take the lovracelet off his wrist if he could. He didn't ask to be a magical boy. In fact, he rejected the offer, for all the good it did. He's not interested. It's too much responsibility.

In terms of personality, Atsushi's most important distinguishing feature is probably his gentleness. He's kind and concerned about others, whether they be his friends or total strangers. He tries to see things from others' perspective, even when they've wronged him or his loved ones. He's almost too forgiving, judging from the way he immediately forgives Kinshirou for trying to murder him and Yumoto. Indeed, he asks hopefully if Kinshirou will be his friend again. He does have an occasional tendency to surprise you with smartass comebacks and clever put-downs, but it's never anything too serious, and if he does accidentally go too far, he feels bad and tries to fix things.

He's not all sweetness and light, all the time: He switches his chair with En's because his is wobbly, and he has significantly less sympathy for Wombat, who's caused him a lot of pain and inconvenience. We see that in season 1, episode 5, when Wombat is distressed in the bath and Atsushi is unimpressed ("Isn't this just reaping what you sow?"), as well as throughout the series, when Wombat begs to be saved from Yumoto, and Atsushi, like the others, pretends not to hear. He can get snappish when annoyed. But, on the whole, he's a kind person who cares about those around him.

Because he's so caring (and well-adjusted and normal, compared to the others), his role in the group is the long-suffering mom friend. He keeps the group together, makes sure everyone is comfortable, and scolds people, when necessary. Just a few examples: In the game, he admits that he really just likes cooking because he likes seeing people's faces when they enjoy his food. During the test of courage at the beach, he's the one who makes sure Yumoto stays with the group. He feeds En vegetables with his own chopsticks because he's worried that En isn't eating a balanced diet. He gets outright stressed when En won't let him help make his own birthday cake. His entire second image song is about how tiring it is being everyone's mom friend, keeping them all together and making sure they're acting at least kind of socially acceptable. Even though he gives En a hard time about his laziness, he still comes to pick him up in the mornings on a regular basis.

That last example says a lot, especially when considered in relation to his history. Kinshirou was a needy friend in his own way, although his demands were more emotional. When he left, Atsushi immediately attached himself to En, who, frankly, wouldn't do much of anything without someone there to prod him into it. Of course, En was there with him when Kinshirou stopped talking to him, but there was more to it than that. En needs Atsushi, and Atsushi needs to be needed.

That's not to say that he doesn't care about En or enjoy his company. Left to his own devices, Atsushi tends to be serious and perhaps too prone to worrying. En's laid-back attitude and frequent digressions into random, pointless conversations amuse him and help him relax. If En suddenly became more independent, Atsushi would feel lost, but he wouldn't want to be En's friend any less.

He does have the same lazy, slightly selfish streak as the rest of the Defense Club, minus Yumoto. None of them have any interest at all in fighting monsters. They didn't volunteer, so it seems unfair to expect enthusiasm, especially from En and Atsushi who explicitly refused Wombat's offer more than once. Still, even if they don't enjoy fighting, they know that the monsters are real people, often their fellow students, that have been transformed. They could at least want to help those people out, or, if not that, prevent the damage the monsters often cause. Instead, by season 2, they are completely done with the whole situation and want to avoid fighting entirely if they can get away with it. This comes back to bite them at the end of the season, when they're willing to fight for Yumoto's kidnapped brother, but the villains have given up on battling it out and moved on to a new, more dangerous plan. But at least that shows that they'll make the effort when it's someone they personally know and care about.

The third drama CD is similar in spirit. Atsushi, as well as all the others except Yumoto, is completely willing to throw anyone else under the bus if it means he doesn't have to serve as the president of the Defense Club. This is a manifestation of the same impulse that made the four of them find a small, remote room and hide in it during club activities to begin with. All of them, including Atsushi, want to spend their free time relaxing and doing their own thing.

As a child, Atsushi was happy, open, and carefree. He stood in sharp contrast to Kinshirou, who wore suspenders as a tiny child and worried about seeming childish while still in elementary school. In the flashback to the shooting star scene, Atsushi is open with his excitement, affection, and brief perplexity. However, as a teenager, he's become more reserved. It's harder for him to express his emotions. Although he himself is polite and friendly, his body language tends toward the closed and unwelcoming: He crosses his arms over his chest; he puts a hand to his chin when he thinks, which has the same effect of placing a barrier between him and whoever he's talking to. Even when he's clearly unhappy or preoccupied, he tries to smile anyway and act like he's fine. And he doesn't like any of this. He feels like it's a character flaw. His first image song is about how insecure and guilty it all makes him feel.

He struggles, as well, with confrontation. When Kinshirou refused to talk to him in middle school, En urged him to talk it out, but Atsushi said he'd rather let Kinshirou have some space. That space grew into years of bitter silence and hesitant, awkward attempts at small talk. In season 1, episode 8, history seems to repeat itself when his best friend once again gets mad at him for no reason that he can see. Atsushi realizes something's gone wrong when En suddenly starts yelling at him and storms off. He follows, attempting to learn from past mistakes, but as soon as En tells him to go away, he gives up. "Sometimes," he says, "it's best to let sleeping dogs lie."

It's not a stretch to think that during that episode Atsushi wonders what's wrong with him, that his best friends all decide after a few years that he sucks. Luckily, the situation gets sorted quickly, and in the season finale, he takes a more active role in his reconciliation with Kinshirou. (It was a step in the right direction when he got angry at the monster in episode 8, but in the finale, he actually talks about things with Kinshirou.) Still, those two fights highlight Atsushi's biggest weakness. When it comes to the big things, he's too gentle. He makes it a fault. He has such a hard time dealing with confrontation that he'll let his friendships be destroyed first.

He's also insecure in some areas. As I mentioned, he thinks he's too cold and closed off. He also thinks he's boring ("I'm more of a side character type"). Because he thinks his company isn't interesting or emotionally rewarding, it's likely that he doesn't understand his value outside the role he's given himself as a caretaker. It doesn't cause him much angst, because he is in a caretaker role and he's not really an angsty person, but the thought is still there, in the back of his mind. This is probably partly or entirely why he needs to be needed the way he does.

However, now that he and Kinshirou are friends again, most of the sadness from season 1 has disappeared. The two of them are still awkward with each other and don't quite know how to act after so long apart, but Atsushi is happy to have him back. He's determined not to mess it up this time, as we see when he goes all out to get to the airport in time to see Kinshirou off. Getting Kinshirou back has helped him learn to be more assertive, less inclined to just let bad things happen. ...But the day before he goes to all that effort, he pretends to be unconscious to avoid an awkward moment, so he's still pretty nervous about conflict.

He can get kind of annoyed with En or impatient with Yumoto, but he rarely gets truly angry. It happens in episode 8 when En is yelling at him and being completely unfair, and later, when he confronts the monster that's made En like that. It happens again when Kinshirou is smashing up the school to try to kill him. And that's pretty much it for genuine anger from Atsushi; even in the season 2 finale, he's mostly just determined. When he does get angry, though, it can be startling how intense he becomes and, given his usual demeanor, how unwilling he is to back down. Even so, he stays on topic in arguments and doesn't try to hurt the other party, even when the opportunity presents itself.

It's because of things like that, as well as his politeness and general normalcy, that he has some of the most mature behavior among all the main cast. Arima from the student council is the only one who might have him beat. As another sign of his maturity, he gets very good grades due to study and diligence, as opposed to En, who usually gets mediocre grades but occasionally surprises everyone with a streak of 100s based on (he claims) very good guesswork.

He's from a rich family, although not an obscenely wealthy one. He seems to have a good home life, because instead of being snobby or cruel, he's just sweet and a little naive. Even after the events of the show, he thinks the world is basically a kind place. After all, nothing disastrous happened in the end, right? He speaks happily of his sister, both in the stargazing flashback and in the game, and he mentions that the reason his family bought their very fancy TV is because his dad wanted it. (But he doesn't use it much, because he has another one in his room.) Also in support of the idea that he has responsible parents, or at least parents without unlimited funds: He's expected to go to college and become independent, instead of living off their money forever. On the other hand, he's also under the impression that everyone is expected to go to college, which suggests that he's somewhat sheltered. He doesn't know yet what he wants to do with his life, so right now he intends to just follow that course and hope something presents itself.

He's image-conscious, and doesn't enjoy drawing attention to himself. He finds the Battle Lover uniforms and scripted lines extremely embarrassing. There are others in the cast who are more easily embarrassed, for sure, but it's still not hard to make him feel awkward or self-conscious. This might be especially the case in sexual situations, since his general hesitation with being open and intimate could magnify any feelings of self-consciousness or low self-esteem. (In particular, it's possible that he's self-conscious about being too skinny: En tells him he is twice in season 1, and then in season 2 he's seen weighing himself.) He's also a pretty bad actor.

He enjoys reading, jigsaw puzzles, baths, anime, and video games. In other words, he enjoys calm, relaxing indoor hobbies with a playful or escapist feel. According to the fanbook, he hates needles. He knows a whole lot about anime, particularly older shounen and sentai shows.

_ITEMS: His school uniform: A black blazer and pants, a white shirt, a red tie, and brown shoes. Glasses. A brown school bag that contains books, notebooks, pencils, and so on, as well as a spare set of glasses. In his pockets, a brand new but now-useless smartphone, a wallet full of equally useless money, and a romance novel in Japanese with a plain book cover.

He's also wearing a silver bracelet with a green heart on it. This is his transformation trinket, or lovracelet. He's never been able to remove it, but maybe Tanagura's advanced technology can be of some help? Or maybe he'll think better of it when he realizes he might need to defend himself.